Cigar Lounge Styling

When my brother called and asked if I would design a smoke lounge for him, I was totally IN!!  I had so much fun creating this room and learned so much in the process.  He wanted the existing office turned into his smoking lounge and audio listening room.  I knew that he would not want his entire house smelling of smoke, so we needed some type of air purifier, enter in tons of researching for the perfect type of air purifier.  We found the perfect one here:


With the air purifier in place, we then knew we would need to seal off the doors to prevent any type of escape smoke, so we applied rubber weather stripping around the door to the room.  Now that we have the hard part completed it was time to get started with the fun stuff!  Hello, shopping!?!?!  

         Knowing his requests (masculine and classy) and type of style he was after I was off to At Home to begin styling the room, which would later help me pick colors for the room.  I knew we needed accessories, lighting, and a statement chair. Here were some options that would've been perfect! start getting your inspiration ready before you go!


While I was shopping At Home, I decided a fun little addition would be to add a bar cart or drink service of some sort because whiskey and cigars go together like peas and carrots! 

My brother Ryan is a connoisseur of whiskey and cigar pairing, here’s is one of his favorite pairings:  

         While shopping At Home I was falling for all things gold and modern which led me to picking the color scheme of deep navy, dark green, and gold.  

Perfect for that classy man vibe!  The ceilings in this room are 12 footers so while this idea was lofty, I knew it had to be done! 

I wanted a statement on the ceiling!  I wanted to wallpaper the ceiling in a geometric design however finding wallpaper that fit the theme was not falling into my timeframe thanks to supply chain issues.  So, what’s plan B?  Stencil it of course!  Whoa momma was that difficult but my goodness how it turned out!  Absolutely stunning! 


I started this process by letting the base coat in the deep navy color cure, after cured I began the stenciling process.  I used a removable stencil adhesive like this one:

and this stencil


I then lined up the stencil starting in the corner of the room and went to stenciling. 

I used this brush from Lowes

and this paint to stencil in the gold.  This gold paint isn’t easy to work with as the gold particles settle while you are using it so you MUST keep stirring throughout the project.  We decided to lose the fan because this room wasn’t in need of a fan and so we came across this beauty on Facebook Marketplace. 


Now on to the angled part of the ceiling, I wanted to keep the gold screaming in this area, so I continued with the same gold paint.  As I mentioned above this gold paint is hard to work with, I knew it would need a base coat so that the gold color would be able to really shine.  I chose a camel color for the base-coat to give a solid color under the gold.  

As you see in the photo below I did not “cut” in my ceiling lines at this point, I also NEVER tape. 

(Unpopular opinion but who has time for taping?)  Not this girl, and that is why I STRONGLY encourage you to use Purdybrushes like these:  In my opinion there are no other brushes worth buying!  Trust me on this!  Using Purdy brushes is like driving a Cadillac!

For the walls, bring me all the greens!!!  The gold and navy were begging for green, in my opinion!  The green I chose was vibrant and a great pair to the color scheme.  My brother also has an oil painting of The King he wanted to put in the new lounge, and it truly set off the green! 


Now that all the hard work is complete it’s time for all the icing!  Decorating!!  As I mentioned my brother is a connoisseur of all things cigars and whiskey, he knew he wanted to follow perfect cigar etiquette by having a guest book of friends and fellow cigar lovers that came by for smoke and whiskey.  It also goes that when you smoke a cigar with a friend you save the labels, so we needed a label keeper.  What a fun way to keep up with the memories you shared while enjoying your favorite cigar.  


While choosing accessories and décor I knew that the iconic photo of Jack Nicholson was an absolute addition to the room!


I can now say I’ve smoked a cigar with my favorite Silver Fox, Jack!  

Finally, if you’re into cigars you know you MUST have a humidor to keep all those stogies fresh!  My brother chose a humidor that would fit perfectly in the room, and it is the size of dorm room fridge.

Which also serves as a side table to hold the ashtray and whiskey!  How fun is this ashtray?  


I had so much fun putting this room together!  Even in the difficulty of stenciling that entire ceiling!  LOL!  This room is so much fun to go hang out and listen to your favorite vinyl, while enjoying a stogie.  It aches with whimsy in random places, like Jamiroquai, hanging out by the window. 

It’s not every day you see a Jackalope but then again, I guess that depends on what you are smoking! 

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  • Shelly

    Amazing, you are quite the artist. I LOVE it ALL! xo

  • Jeanne Shadaram

    Love it! Always said you were so very talented!

  • Myranda

    You did awesome friend come help me 😘

  • Cassiday Pinion

    You crushed this project sweet friend! Absolutely love the transformation and the unique touches you put on it. Remember us small folk when you are designing rooms for celebs!

  • Cheryl

    What an amazing project! Fantastic job, girl! So proud of you!
    Love you!

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