Guest Bedroom Flip

Guest Bedroom Flip


This guest bedroom flip is something that you are all probably familiar with, picture it….  Each of your kiddos have moved off to college and those spare bedrooms have become somewhat of a “catch all”.  But suddenly, its Christmas time and all those kiddos are coming home for Christmas.  Yikes!  Through the years of living in our home with 4 teenage boys the bedroom and well, every room in the house had taken a good beating and the bedrooms were ready for a refresh.  So, what better time than an empty bedroom?  When I began making plans for the empty bedroom to become a masculine and cozy bedroom it was only going to be used for temporary weekend stays.  As soon as the bedroom was complete and during the Christmas holiday our life took a messy turn and now our teenage boys are all home again for the foreseeable future.  But alas, my heart is whole with having each of my boys home.  So, for the sake of this blog, I’m writing as if life never took a messy turn.  Let’s get to work!


I had an idea of what I wanted the room to look like so with that in mind I began searching for furniture.  The looks and quality of today’s furniture were not what I wanted, so it was time to get flipping!  Little to my knowledge my brother had a dresser and nightstand that belonged to my dad from long ago and if memory serves my mom and dad used it when they were first married.  My brother was moving and getting new furniture and asked if I wanted the pieces.  Well, duh!  Heck yes, I wanted it!  My plans were to paint them but when I saw their quality, I knew painting wasn’t going to happen!  I had also found an antique piece on Facebook Marketplace to serve as another nightstand.  While the color and look of it was hideous, I knew I could restore it to something beautiful!




So, while I had a dresser, and two night stands there still wasn’t a bed…. What was I to do?  During all the moving of my boys we had a wooden headboard that was damaged, so I decided to reupholster it and give it a new look.

This guest room was also in desperate need for a new mattress!  I found a really great quality memory foam mattress also on Amazon.  It's so comfortable that we will be purchasing one for our bedroom!

Alright now we have furniture planned out but what were we to do about wall color?  I wanted dark and moody for this Americana classic feel.  I chose the color Everglade Deck by Valspar and I was in LOVE, so much so that I even painted the 5th wall in the same color.

I’ve been a thrifting and flea market searcher for a while now.  When I’m out to “market” if I see something, I like I’ll snag it.  I may not have a plan for what I find but it eventually finds its place and that’s how the gallery wall was put together!  I was finally able to put all those finds into a whimsy gallery wall.  The lighting I chose for this room were also finds from flea markets and they were perfect!


Okay so everything is all in place but now I need to do a window treatment, ugh!  It’s never ending!  Off to Amazon because I do not have time to go shopping for what I’m looking for.  I took a chance on the drapes because the reviews were great.  I even found some gold curtain rods on Amazon that were perfect.  You can find those on the link below: with LOTS of color options.  The quality of these drapes is absolutely stellar.  I did go bold with my color choice because I wanted some wow factor!  This color nailed the WOW for me, and they were exactly what I was looking for!

I love the way this bedroom flip turned out!  It has masculine elegance, wow factor, family history, and lots of charm. 

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